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Part of enjoying your trip to Las Vegas means visiting one of the town’s many las vegas nightclub to dance or take in a show. Admission to any club involves knowing various admission strategies, including the appropriate dress code.

Do All Clubs Have a Dress Code?

Yes! Fortunately, dress codes are similar for all Las Vegas venues. The clubs in Sin City attract many of the world’s top acts, with celebrities usually in attendance. Therefore, asking guests to adhere to a specific dress code is vital for maintaining the glamorous vibe for which Las Vegas is known.

How Should Women Dress?

Women are fortunate to have many dress options that guarantee admission to Las Vegas clubs. In general, clubs want to attract female guests; therefore, they offer them significant liberties for choosing their attire. Still, to ensure access, women should wear elegant and properly fitting clothes, including body-conscious dresses and skirts, dressy pants and tops, and high heels.

Women should also avoid wearing anything casual, including:

  • Flip-flops
  • Flat shoes
  • T-shirts
  • Sundresses

How Should Men Dress?

The dress code for men is more complex than it is for women. A safe outfit includes a collared untucked, casual shirt with or without a sports jacket and elegant polished shoes. Men should not even think about wearing sandals. This shoe tip also applies to women unless they are wearing strappy high heels.

Well-fitting slacks or jeans are also acceptable, though jeans should have few holes and preferably a dark wash. Again, this rule also applies to women.

Other clothing choices that guarantee to deny most men admission include:

  • T-shirts without blazers
  • Tennis shoes and logo sneakers
  • Baggy pants
  • Jerseys
  • Shorts
  • Tank tops
  • Athleticwear

Still, being part of a group that pre-pays for a table or on a club’s guest list could inspire a doorman to overlook dress code transgressions.

pre-pays for a table or on a club's guest list

What About Accessories?

Women and men should leave totes and backpacks at home, and women should carry a stylish small purse or clutch. Sunglasses may be permitted but have no legitimate purpose at a Las Vegas nightclub. They could potentially cause a door attendant to turn away a guest.

Head coverings, including baseball caps, beanies and sun hats, are never appropriate. Men can sometimes get away with fedoras but are better off not risking a faux-pas by wearing one. Men should also leave jewelry such as heavy chains and earrings at home, whereas women can bring out their glamorous baubles.

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Final Thoughts

As a general rule, anyone who wants to gain admission to most clubs along the strip should plan to dress to impress. Still, in addition to sizing up every guest’s appearance, club doorkeepers will turn people away for some behaviors, even if their outfits are ultra-chic.

Guests should never show up at a club door under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Also, if doorkeepers ask visitors to change something about what they are wearing, it is best to follow this advice. Arguing and cajoling will ensure entry denial, even after making the necessary adjustments.

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