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What Is Bottle Service?

Las Vegas nightclubs are legendary as the ultimate party locations, featuring celebrities, world-famous DJs, and live performances. If you want to experience the ultimate VIP treatment at the best clubs in Las Vegas, then bottle service is for you. The top venues pack the house nearly every night, which means admission is tight and the best real estate in the club is impossible to snag. To ensure fast, no-hassle entry and a private table for you and your crew (far away from the peasants in general admission), you’ll need a bottle service reservation.

What’s the Cost for Bottle Service?

Bottle service prices in Las Vegas depend on a variety of factors:

  • Different clubs charge different prices.
  • Prices vary depending on the day of the week.
  • Special events may raise the prices or require a larger bottle service minimum.
  • Club hosts can help you figure out your budget for the night.

On average, bottles will run between $350 and $800 apiece, which does not include 8% sales tax or 20% gratuity. Generally, the requirement is one bottle purchased per 5-6 group members.

Each package offered includes a subtotal of bottles that equals the minimum spend for the table. This is the minimum amount that your group must spend on bottles, shots, cocktails, and beer for the night in order to have the use of that VIP table. For example, if you are considering a $1,000 package, you will need some combination of purchases to equal that $1,000 minimum. This could be two $500 bottles or one $600 bottle and $400 worth of cocktails and shots. The choice of how you will reach your table minimum is completely up to you and your group.

Remember that bottle service in Las Vegas is a highly desirable luxury. Demand for VIP hospitality services has increased over the last few years as the popularity of Las Vegas clubs continues to grow. Use our site to find the most up-to-date pricing and information, and to connect directly with VIP bottle service hosts who can hook you up with a fantastic table.

Why Is Table Service So Much Fun?

Picture a crowded nightclub with a line stretched down the street. You wait for an hour to get in and find standing room only. The bartenders are busy and you have to compete for their attention. You want to dance, but you keep getting bumped and spilling your drink.

Bottle service will help you avoid this scenario completely. Entry to the club is hassle-free. You’ll be shown to a reserved, private table for your group to enjoy throughout the night. With unblocked views of the DJs and live performances, you can choose to sit, drink, and socialize, or get up and dance without being overrun by the crowd in general admission.

Table service means full service. There will be no reason to elbow through the crowds at the bar. You’ll be pampered for the night with a full staff of attractive waitresses to serve you, bussers to maintain a smooth experience, and security guards to ensure that only the authorized VIPs can enter your area.

Whether your group is a bachelorette party looking for a good time or a group of guys enjoying a night on the town, be aware that everyone in the club is looking for a table to hang with. With your bottle service package, you’ll be the hottest ticket in the place.

Best Clubs for Bottle Service

How Do I Reserve Bottle Service?

These VIP packages are in high demand and the prices reflect their popularity. Snagging a bottle service reservation in Las Vegas is frequently based on relationships with the nightclubs and requires established communication. The best way to start is to check out package inventories. We have a straightforward system set up that allows you to connect with bottle service hosts to ask questions, obtain pricing, and make reservations. Check out our Las Vegas Nightclubs and Las Vegas Dayclubs areas to start the process.

What Are the Best Clubs for Bottle Service?

This is not an easy question to answer. The top clubs in Las Vegas cater to different groups with different tastes. The short answer is that all the major nightclubs in Las Vegas offer spectacular VIP experiences with their bottle service, and you will always maximize enjoyment of your night out by choosing that route. To pick your club, research not only the table service packages but also the style of the club: look for theme, demographics, menu, location, and type of music or entertainment to ensure you book the location you’ll enjoy the most.

Final Tips for Making the Most of Bottle Service

For the best experience, keep these points in mind:

  • Be prepared to spend a bit more for the hottest real estate. Tables along the dance floor, close to the live performance area, or near the DJ are more expensive than those farther back, on an upper floor, or in a secondary space.
  • Budget for at least 1.5x your table’s required minimum spend. You will find that the alcohol goes fast as the night goes on, and you should also account for the possibility of new friends joining your table.
  • Arrange for just one person at your table to do the ordering so the group can’t drive the bill up.
  • Remember to ask for bottle service specials, especially on weeknights.
  • Tip the host who helps you make your reservation to get the best deals and hookups.
  • Be aware that the bigger clubs aren’t always better. Sometimes a more intimate setting is just what you want.
  • Don’t procrastinate on reserving your bottle service. Remember it’s a high-demand experience and tables sell out quickly.

Bottle service may not be for everyone, but that’s what makes it a luxury. While it will cost more than paying a cover charge and opening a bar tab, it’s an experience that is well worth the money. If you want to experience Las Vegas like a VIP, bottle service is for you.