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It’s not for nothing that Las Vegas is considered one of the party capitals of the world. Every year, millions flock to the city to gamble, party, and otherwise have a wild time in “Sin City.” It’s not too hard to enjoy yourself in Vegas, but there is an art to experiencing the city’s nightlife. Keep these seven tips below in mind as you plan out your trip.

1. Plan Ahead

It’s true: Las Vegas may be the place to drop your inhibitions and party in some new or unexpected ways. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for planning. In fact, your trip to Sin City is best served by some organizing before you arrive. For instance, you might want to hear a particular DJ, and so it’s good to check the schedules before coming and make plans around that, so you’re not overwhelmed by the frenetic energy of the Strip and miss out on what you wanted to do.

2. Keep in Mind Partying Doesn’t Just Happen At Night

Dayclubs can be as essential as nightclubs during your trip to Vegas. Sitting by the pool or dancing and having a few drinks with friends can be a great way to spend a day on the Strip. Don’t forget the day parties in your rush to hit all the nightlife.

3. Don’t Ignore the Dress Code

Even in Vegas, some things are no-go. Check the code at any clubs in Las Vegas before you visit, and generally assume you need at least some level of formality — no flip-flops, for instance — to get into the club.

Check the code at any clubs in Las Vegas

4. Be Careful Not To Drink Too Much

If you’re an experienced clubber, you’re probably also experienced with knowing your limit when it comes to alcohol. Having a few drinks before and during your time at the club is great, but it’s essential to stay safe, particularly if you’re in a new area or are a first time visitor to Sin City. It’s always easy to get another drink if you want it — so don’t go too hard at the start of the night.

5. Carefully Consider Footwear

This may be more relevant for the ladies — but wear shoes that are comfortable! You may be out walking around for hours. If you do decide to visit multiple clubs in Las Vegas, walking from one spot to another on the Strip can be suprisingly lengthy. Wear shoes you’re comfortable walking around and dancing in!

6. Avoid Paying To Get Into Clubs

Ladies can typically get into Vegas clubs for free — except on certain holidays or other crowded occasions — by connecting with a promoter. Finding a promoter before the night starts can be an easy way to get free entry into lots of great clubs.

7. Check Out the Many Places To Visit

Don’t forget about the wide variety of nightlife available in Sin City. There are Las Vegas strip clubs, nightclubs, dayclubs, small bars, restaurants, private parties, and a whole lot more. Make your time in the city count and visit as much as you can.

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