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Las Vegas is the party capital of the United States, not to mention a destination for people around the globe. The list of things to do in Sin City is virtually inexhaustible, and planning out a trip if you’re only there for a few days can be intimidating. You may not be able to hit every spot you’ve imagined, but you’ll want to visit as many as you can. Below is a list of things you just can’t miss in Las Vegas.

1. The Venetian

A trip to Vegas is incomplete without a visit to the Venetian Las Vegas. As the name suggests, the complex recreates the historic Italian city of Venice — complete with gondola-navigated canals, and even St. Mark’s Square. Whether you’re staying in one of its spacious rooms or elsewhere, it’s an essential place to visit.

2. Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is one of the oldest surviving casinos on the Strip, and its classic charm makes it an essential stop on your next trip to Vegas. Whether gambling, staying over, or just walking around, you can’t miss it.

3. The Peppermill Diner

There are plenty of clubs to visit in Las Vegas — and a unique one is the Peppermill. It’s part diner, part lounge, and an essential place to stop for some late-night food.

4. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you’re looking to get outside the city and take in something a little slower-paced, look no further than the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It offers beautiful hiking, rock climbing, and an easy means of stepping back from the hectic pace of the Strip.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

5. Chandelier Bar

This one-of-a-kind bar is another one of the clubs to visit in Las Vegas that you just can’t miss. Located in the Cosmopolitan, it boasts a three-story chandelier and is a strikingly unique place to sit back and have a couple of drinks.

6. Mandalay Bay

With its sandy beach, the Mandalay Bay offers hotel guests and non-guests alike the chance to get a taste of the ocean in the middle of the desert. It’s a one-of-a-kind pool; don’t miss it!

7. Fremont East

Fremont East is a growing new neighborhood in Vegas featuring trendy restaurants, bars, and other establishments. This neighborhood should not escape your list of places to visit in Sin City.

8. Omnia

Among the top clubs to visit in Las Vegas is Omnia, an enormous and constantly vibing nightclub in Caesar’s Palace. It is an essential party spot on your next trip to Sin City!

9. The Pinball Hall of Fame

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, consider making a trip to Vegas’ one-of-a-kind Pinball Hall of Fame. It features pinball machines from across the ages — both new and old — that are very much playable. It’s a great spot to hang out and have a casual afternoon after a night of partying.

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