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Are you planning your next Vegas trip and want to have a great experience? You may be thinking about getting bottle service for yourself and your friends. If so, you can find more information below. If you would like to know more specific information about Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub Bottle Service, check out our article on the Vegas Good Life Blog here

What Does Bottle Service Include? 

When getting bottle service, what you get depends on where you go. Generally, bottle service includes exclusive benefits such as a private area for you, a dedicated server or waitress, security, and a busser. You often will get a roped-off area just for your group.

It can be pretty difficult to secure a table at famous clubs, especially during peak season. Getting bottle service will give you instant access to the club. It will cut your waiting time and ensure that you do not have to stand the whole night while partying.

Just a reminder, though, do not be surprised if your table suddenly goes missing. Reserving a table does not necessarily mean that you will get one. In some bars, it is only reasonable that they give priority to long-term patrons. If you agree to a higher minimum spend, you might get priority. Also, if you are late for your reservation, you might lose your ticket to a table. 


How Many Bottles Do You Get From A Bottle Service? 

The number of bottles depends on the kind of table reservation you get and also how much you want to spend. The bottle service fee is your “minimum spend.” You can purchase additional bottles on top of this.

In most clubs, standard mixers such as juices, tonic, and soda water are already included with the table fee. However, some mixers will have an additional cost. Each nightclub has different policies about offering mixers, so you will have to ask.

How Many Guests Are Included In a Bottle Service?

The type of table you reserve determines the number of guests accommodated. Let us take Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub as an example.

The Poolside Banquet Table at Drai’s can accommodate four guests and costs around $700.

The Dance Floor Table at the same club costs around $4,000 and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Some places allow you to bring extra guests, but you may have to pay an additional fee.

Are Tips Included With Bottle Service?  

Do not be surprised when you see additional charges on your bill. Some likely extra fees are:


  1. Sales tax
  2. Admin fee (sometimes called service charge)
  3. Live Entertainment tax (if you are in Nevada)
  4. Entrance fee for additional guests
  5. Ladies drinks
  6. Tips

There is another service you might consider getting known as “concierge service”. This is when the club gets people to join your table who you might enjoy spending time with.

If you want more information about bottle service, booking, reservations, party buses,  and VIP tickets, please contact Vegas Good Life at 702-344-0100.