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Are you looking to find out how much it costs to get into Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub? We have numbers and estimates for regular admission, special events, and holidays.

If you want to make a reservation at Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub in Las Vegas, you can find more information about that here. In addition, you can find information about bottle service, promotions, pricing, events, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Drai’s? 

Drai’s tickets can range from $20-$50 for women and $30-$100 for men depending on the day and event. Special events and holidays will increase the price. So, make sure to check and book tickets in advance.

Just a tip, we recommend taking some time to check out their rules and regulations, particularly their dress code, club rules, and regulations. You can find this information on their website.

Keep in mind that Drai’s nightclub is one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, so make sure to arrive early to avoid long lines. Or you can reserve a table in advance for instant access to the club. Please continue reading below to know more about their bottle service.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Drai’s With Bottle Service?

Do you want to get more bang for your buck? If so, then getting bottle service for your group is the best choice.

If you reserve bottle service, you can skip the long lines and have a guaranteed table for you and your friends. Bottle service at Drai’s ranges from $600-$10,000 depending on the date, event, and table section.


If you prefer to sit next to the dance floor, prices range from $1,500 for the Banquette table up to $7,000 for the King’s Table.

Bear in mind that the minimum amount you spend may not be the total amount you will have to pay upon checking out. Also, expect your bill to include taxes and service charges.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Drai’s After Hours?

If you are looking for a more intimate late-night party scene with a chill, relaxing vibe, you can reserve a table at Drai’s after hours from Thursday to Saturday. Drai’s after-hours starts at 2 am. You can pay at the entrance. 

Drai’s After Hours’ cover charge ranges from $20-50 for women and $35-$75 for men. However, if you register in advance through their guestlist, women can enter free of charge, and men can get discounted tickets. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Drai’s Guest List? 

You can get into Drai’s Nightclub with no cover charge for women and discounts for men. You just have to sign-up for their guest list. 

Just remember, the guest list will close depending on the number of guests, so make sure to arrive before 10 pm. If you would like more information about getting onto the guest list, call us at 702-344-0100.

Drai’s Nightclub Cover Charge Price For Special Events And Holidays

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Drai’s, tickets cost around $150 to $250. Unfortunately, holiday events tend to sell out quickly, so you might want to book early.

If you need help booking a table at Drai’s or would like to find out more about Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub event, tickets, reservations, and VIP access, call us at 702-344-0100. We would love to hear from you!