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Las Vegas is one of the best places to host a bachelor party, from the numerous casinos to the greatest strip clubs. However, Vegas can be difficult to navigate if you’re new to the scene. If you’re planning on having a bachelor party in Vegas, here are tips to help you have an unforgettable time.

Don’t Invite Too Many People

Although it can be tempting, you don’t want to invite too many people to the bachelor party. The groom’s closest friends and relatives are typically the only people who are invited. Even if someone seems to be close to the bachelor, you shouldn’t automatically assume that he’s part of the guest list without confirming.

Don’t Plan It the Night Before the Wedding

Unlike what you see in the movies, the night before the wedding isn’t the best time to have a bachelor party. The last thing the groom needs is to be hungover on his big day. Typically, the bachelor party is scheduled about a month before the wedding, but it should be a week in advance at the very least. Be sure to let your guests know about the party at least three weeks in advance so that they have enough time to plan ahead and avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Arrange Group Meals

Planning meals ahead of time is best if you want to avoid headaches in the future. Stocking the rental house with snacks that your guests can nibble on between meals or late at night is a must. Be sure to book reservations in advance, especially if you have a large group. To make sure that no one ends up getting stuck paying a large bill, make sure that the restaurant does split checks. You can also get some of your meals catered to the house if you want to spend a night in.

Make Sure the Best Man Knows His Responsibilities

The best man is usually responsible for making sure that mishaps don’t occur during the bachelor party in Vegas. This includes:

  • Making sure people don’t drive home drunk
  • Splitting the cost evenly among everyone attending the party
  • Coming up with fun and creative ideas for activities
  • Taking plenty of pictures for the groom to look at later

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

It can be easy to get caught up in all the planning and responsibilities, but don’t forget that this is a party and it’s time for everyone to let loose! While planning, be sure to keep in mind what the groom would want. For example, if he’s more of a homebody, this could mean organizing a fun movie marathon or game night. However, if he’s more outgoing and wants a night out on the town, try a karaoke bar or strip club.

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