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Are you looking for a great venue to enjoy in Las Vegas? If so, you might consider checking out TAO Beach Club, which is hands down one of the hottest clubs in all of Las Vegas.

Recently revamped, TAO offers everything you could want in a dayclub—an excellent atmosphere, stunning decor, fantastic food and drink, great music, and of course, good-looking men and women.

As an experienced Las Vegas event promoter, this is one of the venues we most highly recommend.

If you would like more information about what TAO Beach offers, how to get on their guest list, how much their bottle service costs, or anything else, call us today at 702-344-0100.

If you are here because you want to learn about the top 10 TAO Beach Club facts that you need to know, then keep reading.

#1: TAO Beach Dayclub Is Located At The Venetian Hotel and Casino

This venue is located inside the Venetian Hotel and Casino at 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109, which means it is at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is fairly easy to get to.

The best frame of reference for most people is to remember that TAO Beach Club is about 3 to 4 miles directly north of the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. So, if you are on Las Vegas Blvd S, you can just take the road north until you reach The Rat Pack Memorial Plaque, where you will turn right.

Finding your turn should be easy since you will pass The Campanile Tower at The Venetian seconds before reaching the plaque. You will then see a sign for the Venetian Hotel that says, “The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes 3355.”

After you make your turn, you will quickly pass the Tesla Destination Charging Station, which will be to your left, and head straight to the parking garage. The road takes you there directly.

If you are staying as a guest at the Venetian Hotel, it isn’t too hard to get to TAO Beach Club proper since it is near the hotel’s pools. You should be able to ask one of the hotel staff, and they will be able to direct you to where you need to go.

If you are not a guest of the Venetian Hotel, you will need to get a stamp at something called the TAO Beach podium (or TAO Kiosk), which is near the hotel’s main parking garage. The podium is located somewhat toward the casino.

Once you get your stamp, you’ll take an elevator to the regular pool area, which still isn’t TAO Beach but is rather part of the hotel complex. To enter TAO Beach Club, you will need to walk past the main pool to the venue’s entrance. The entrance is very obvious.

Side Note: When is TAO Beach open?

TAO Beach Dayclub reopened in March 2022 and will remain open until October at the latest.

Hours at the beachclub are as follows:

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 10AM–6PM

Friday 10AM–6PM

Saturday 10AM–6PM

Sunday    10AM–6PM

#2: TAO Beach Club Is Fancy and Affordable

TAO Beach Club is home to everything you could want out of a club. Here you will find Balinese architecture, cabanas, crystal clear pools, excellent food and drink, and great live performances.

One of the Best Venues On The Las Vegas Strip

There is absolutely no doubt that this place has it all and is a great choice both for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and for those who would rather enjoy the comforts of air conditioning. Each cabana has its own air conditioning, wifi, and HD TV.

The energy of this venue is certainly fancy, but it isn’t snobby by any stretch. If you are concerned that TAO Beach Club may be difficult to afford, the good news is that, despite the epic setting, partying here won’t break your budget.

This leaves us with the big question:

How much is TAO Beach?

To answer this question, we have broken down some different pricing for your reference.

Cover charge – The cover charge amount at this venue is approximately $30 to $75 for men and $20 to $50 for women. Please keep in mind that the price you pay depends on what day and time you go and what events are taking place.

Also, keep in mind that TAO Beach changes its policies from time to time, but you may be able to get free admission Monday through Wednesday during the afternoon. For more information about whether or not free admission is available currently, call us at 702-344-0100.

Drinks – You can expect to pay $15 for cocktails and mixed drinks, $15 for shots, and $12 for beers at this venue. Redbull is $8, sparkling wine is $16 per glass, and champagne is $23 to $25 per glass. You can also get specialty drinks here, such as the Beer Bucket, which costs $65.

Bottle service – Prices for VIP tables at this venue vary wildly, from the low hundreds all the way up to $10,000. What you pay for bottle service on a given day largely depends on how busy the venue is, who is performing, and any beach day events that may be going on. The number of people in your group will also have an impact.

The perks that come with TAO Beach bottle service include not having to pay cover charges, getting quick and easy VIP access (no waiting in long lines), having your own private table, enjoying free mixers such as cranberry juice, orange juice, and soda water, and getting your own waitress, busser, and security staff.

With so many perks, the price you pay, especially if you are coming with a large group, is well worth it. Although prices can run very high, the average table will run you around $750, while bottles of alcohol will run you anywhere from $300 all the way up to a whopping $200K.

Here is a breakdown of some specifics:

Bottles of vodka at this venue are $395 to $950. Gin is $425. Rum is $350 to $400. Tequila is $450 to $2475. Cognac is $450 to $1,900. Scotch is $450 to $900. Whiskey is $425 to $800. Champagne runs between $375 at the lowest for Taittinger Brut, all the way up to $250K for 30 liters of Armand de Brignac, also known as Ace of Spades.

These prices do not include tax and your 20 percent gratuity.

Ready To Book Bottle Service At TAO Beach?

If you have any questions about what you can expect to spend, how your table minimum works, or what table you should pick, contact us at 702-344-0100.

Helpful hint: In our view, the main jungle cabanas are the top spot at TAO Beach Club since they offer a lot of space and also have their own pools. But if you are looking to save money, the VIP daybeds are certainly worth considering.

#3: This Venue Has A Guest List

You don’t know how many people have called us asking, “Does TAO Beach Club have a guest list?”

The answer is, “Yes, they do!”

Once on the list, women get in for free, and men either get in for free or get a reduced cover charge amount. One of the advantages of being a TAO beach guest is that you avoid long waits in the general admission line.

To sign up for this awesome beach guest list, all you need to do is call us, and we will handle the sign up process for you!

#4: TAO Beach Is Free For Venetian Guests

If you are staying at the Venetian Hotel, then yes, you can get in for free!

We recommend that you arrive before the guest list has closed. Otherwise, you may have to pay a reduced cover charge.

Tip: For those who are local to Las Vegas, you can also get in for free on regular weekdays, although you will still have to pay a cover charge when the venue is featuring special performers and having special events.

#5: TAO Beach Club Just Finished A Major Upgrade And Redesign

If you are still deciding whether or not you want to visit this venue, we highly recommend it, as it just underwent a massive redesign that will knock your socks off.

The newly improved 47,000 square foot space has a five-acre pool deck with seven private pools, 21 cabanas, Balinese-inspired decor, two tall fire columns, a larger than life tree goddess sculpture, a DJ booth with an overhead LED screen, two full-service bars, and an overall flawless design layout.

The new design creates an atmosphere that draws you in and makes it easy to forget your worries, which is what we love most about the venue.

The moment you step inside, you can really tell how much passion went into bringing TAO Beach to the next level and making it one of the top dayclub experiences in all of Las Vegas.

Food For Thought

For those who love food, you won’t be disappointed by what TAO Beach Club has to offer, thanks to the kitchen staff at TAO Asian Bistro. You can order sushi and other 5-star delights directly from the comfort of your private cabana.

A lot of people say the food here is some of the best of any Las Vegas pool party venue. We agree. Seriously, the menu here rocks.

#6: TAO Beach Features Famous Artists

The list of talent that has performed at TAO Beach Club is enormous and includes DJ Alesso (a regular performer), Fisher, Sofi Tukker, TYGA, Flo Rida, Mustard, Loud Luxury, Timmy Trumpet, Armin van Buuren (Dutch DJ), Illenium, and much more.

There have also been number of celebrity appearances at TAO Beach, some of which include Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, Angus Cloud, Bryan Cranston, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Jay Z, LeBron James, Chris Lake, Nina Agdal, Liza Koshy, and Winnie Harlow.

Illenium opens this coming Saturday (April 16th) at 11:00 AM.

#7: The Club Is Within Walking Distance of Several Top-Notch Restaurants

If you would rather not order food at TAO Beach Club and eat elsewhere, you will be pleased to know that this venue is very close to a slew of excellent restaurants, including but not limited to:

  • CHICA Las Vegas
  • BRERA osteria
  • Buddy V’s Ristorante
  • Delmonico Steakhouse
  • Bouchon at The Venetian (10th floor)
  • Royal Britannia Gastropub
  • Yardbird Table & Bar
  • The Dorsey
  • Grand Lux Cafe
  • Pizzeria Pronto

#8: The TAO Beach Dress Code Is Stylish

The TAO Beach Club’s dress code isn’t overly strict, but there are three basic rules that should be followed when visiting.

Rule 1: Wear pool or beach attire.

Rule 2: Avoid wearing see-through clothing, jeans, cargo shorts, baggy clothes, chains, offensive or gang-related apparel, athletic gear, and clothing that is ripped or torn.

Rule 3: Do not bring over-the-counter medications (the venue does allow for some exceptions, so if you have a medical condition and need an EpiPen, respirator, or something, just let the staff know), weapons, eye drops, tissues, illicit drugs, electronic cigarettes, toys and inflatables, video cameras, and food and beverages.

This list of prohibited items may not be complete, as the venue updates its policies from time to time. If you have any questions about the dress code or what you can and cannot bring, give us a call, and we will be happy to guide you on what is appropriate!

#9: TAO Beach Dayclub Is Owned By The Famous Tao Group Hospitality

Now that Tao Group Hospitality (a subsidiary of Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp) has acquired Hakkasan Group, we look forward to seeing how this venue continues to evolve.

For those unfamiliar with these brands, Tao Group Hospitality (in our view) excels at providing amazing day and nightlife entertainment experiences, as evidenced by its significant portfolio of successful nightclubs, daylife venues, and restaurants. Meanwhile, Hakkasan Group focuses on providing world-class hospitality and customer service.

Together, we expect a dynamic combination that will elevate the daytime entertainment scene in Sin City.

#10: TAO Beach Dayclub Works With Event Promoters

Our job as a top-notch Las Vegas event promoter is to link you up with VIP access to the hottest dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas fast. We work with several top venues and can find you the best deals around so that you can focus on having a good time.

Need our help getting onto TAO Beach Club’s guest list or need some other service? Call us today at 702-344-0100.

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