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The entertainers at Peppermint Hippo are some of the best in Las Vegas.

10 Reasons to Experience Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas

If you like what you see above, keep reading to learn the 10 reasons why you should visit Peppermint Hippo

1. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Has An Amazing Atmosphere

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas has a fantastic, semi-dark atmosphere that is perfect for the venue and the overall vibe. You can tell a ton of thought went into the branding and the styling.

Every detail in Peppermint Hippo, including the meticulously crafted decor, reflects the club’s intention to provide the ultimate strip club experience to its visitors.

Peppermint Hippos’s layout is phenomenal, with a variety of seating options to suit different preferences. The main room, for example, features 40 stage-side seats, 20 tables, and seven intimate booths, each offering a unique vantage point. Regardless of where you sit, you certainly feel like you’re part of the show. Peppermint Hippo also has two stages, which means double the entertainment.

Many patrons agree that Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas offers the best topless club experience of any strip club in the city.

2. The Staff at Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is Highly Professional

The staff at Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas truly sets the bar in terms of their service quality from the moment you walk inside. Having visited numerous strip clubs, I can confidently say that the team at Peppermint Hippo stands out for their friendliness and professionalism.

In my experience, Peppermint Hippo’s staff consistently goes above and beyond to ensure every guest feels valued. Their dedication to service is a defining characteristic of the Peppermint Hippo experience.

When visiting Peppermint Hippo, expect good vibes and a super chill environment.

3. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Has Talented and Beautiful Entertainers

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is really something else when it comes to the variety of dancers they have. No matter what your type is, they’ve probably got someone you find interesting. It’s great to see such a mix of ethnicities and styles – it keeps things interesting.

The venue really shines in terms of class and talent. Their dancers are not just gorgeous; they’re super respectful and chill and are easily some of the coolest in the Vegas strip club scene.

Some dancers do private shows, while others stick to table dances. It’s this kind of variety that makes every visit here a bit different from the last.

4. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Has Top-Notch Drinks

Drinks at Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas are delicious, and they’ve got a drink menu that caters to different tastes, so it’s easy to find something you like. They’ve also got some generous drink deals.

Currently, all drinks are half off for the happy hour/dayshift until 7 PM. It’s the perfect excuse to try something new or stick with your favorite.

5. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is Open 24/7

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is open all day, every day, making it an ideal spot whether you’re looking to kick off your evening with some excitement or seeking the perfect place to finish your night.

If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed vibe, the daytime atmosphere at Peppermint Hippo is generally pretty laid-back. Daytime hours are for those who prefer a quieter, less busy experience.

6. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas’ Music is A Vibe

The music at Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is absolutely spot-on! The beats are perfectly in sync with the club’s overall vibe, and it’s clear the music has been handpicked by people who know what they’re doing.

Whether it’s upbeat tracks or smoother tunes, the soundtracks at Peppermint Hippo just seem to fit. Music at Peppermint Hippo is primarily Hip Hop and Top 40, but you’ll also sometimes hear EDM, R&B, and rap.

7. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is Smoke-Free!

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is smoke-free, so if you’re on the lookout for a strip club in Vegas that’s free from cigarette and cigar smoke, Peppermint Hippo is your go-to spot. With that said, they’ve struck a great balance by still allowing hookah and vapes.

8. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Has Limo Rides

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas offers a convenient limo service. If you’re looking to arrive in style and ensure a hassle-free journey to and from the strip club, get in touch with DK. He’ll arrange your ride with Peppermint Hippo.

If you’re driving your own vehicle, Peppermint Hippo has a spacious parking lot with dozens of parking spaces. Their parking lot is a huge plus, especially in a busy city like Vegas. Contact DK before showing up if you need updates on whether parking spaces are available.

9. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Does Special Events

Want to visit Peppermint Hippo for a special event? The club is perfect for all sorts of special occasions – whether it’s a birthday bash, bachelor/bachelorette party, sporting event, or just a night out with friends.

Additionally, Peppermint Hippo offers a guest list, so send DK a message if you’re interested in getting on. He’ll fill you in on the availability and details. He can also answer your questions about Daily Specials at Peppermint Hippo.

Daily Specials at Peppermint Hippo include:

  • Veterans Discount
  • No Cover For Local (with self-drive & ID)
  • UFC Fight Night at Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas
  • South Park Viewing Party (every Wednesday at 10 PM)
  • Burgers, Beer, & Boobs (10 AM to 7 PM every day)
  • Monday Night Football
  • Hippo Birthday
  • Vegas Style Cocktail Party

10. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Has A Speakeasy

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas has a speakeasy, which is one of the strip club’s best perks.

The speakeasy is a beautifully crafted space that is staffed with bartenders who are well-practiced at mixing up delicious cocktails.

Peppermint Hippos Las Vegas FAQ

Q 1 — How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas?

For out-of-towners, entry prices to Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas vary.

For locals, entry is free with self-driving.

Q 2 — What is the Daytime Entrance Price at Peppermint Hippo?

The entrance price at Peppermint Hippo varies. For the latest updates and cover charges, call DK the day you plan to visit.

Q 3 — Is Peppermint Hippo The Only Strip Club on The Strip?

Yes, Peppermint Hippo has the distinction of being the ONLY strip club located on The Las Vegas Strip.

Q 4 — What Did Peppermint Hippo in Las Vegas Used to Be?

Before Peppermint Hippo, the location was used by Olympic Garden.

Q 5 — Who owns Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas?

Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is owned by founder Alan Chang.

PS The name of the club was inspired by South Park and may or may not be a play on Spearmint Rhino.

Q 6 — How Many Peppermint Hippos Are There?

Peppermint Hippo currently has 8 locations.

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