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Can Party Buses Just Drive Around?

If you are here, you might be asking, “Can Party Buses Just Drive Around?”

The answer is yes. They can.

Just tell us where you want to go, and our experienced party bus drivers will take you there.

Need to go to multiple locations or have a tentative schedule? That is no problem. Whether your night ends up going longer than expected or you decide to make a few last-minute changes, we have got you covered. Just call us at 702-344-0100 to get started.

Just FYI: If your main question right now is,” How much are party buses?” you can either keep reading or call us and tell us your schedule, the route you want to take, and your party size, and we’ll give you a cost-friendly quote.


You might be wondering what happens if you go over your set rental time. And you’re probably also asking how much are party buses in this case?

Well, we keep things simple by charging an hourly rate.

While most party bus companies have a strict limit on how long you can rent their buses and will charge you fees if you go over this limit, all of our rates are presented upfront.

With us, you will never have to worry about unexpected charges.


Typically, rentals cost around $190 per hour and have a 2-hour minimum.

This does not include taxes and driver gratuity.


If you want to come to Vegas but do not have any destinations in mind yet, then check out our Party Bus Las Vegas page and our affordable tour packages, which offer VIP access to the best nightclubs, dayclubs, and venues around the city.

Planning a day or night out in Vegas can be stressful, especially if you have to hassle with renting a vehicle. This is why we encourage you to work with Vegas Good Life and enjoy some of the best chauffeur services around.

Note: If you are planning a very long tour, you may need to swap chauffeurs after a certain point, as chauffeurs are only allowed to work for 8 hours at a time. There may also be fuel surcharges since the Nevada Transportation Authority regulates this. We will let you know upfront about what charges to expect.


The best party buses offer a point-to-point booking system that allows you to get a fixed rate depending on the mileage. The advantage of this system is that it keeps you from being surprised by unexpected charges.

If you need a more flexible party bus arrangement, however, we are happy to talk with you about your needs and help you make plans.


We offer an extensive range of products and services for local Vegas events, including:

  • Table and bottle service reservations
  • Hotel bookings
  • Free guest-list sign ups
  • Getting VIP access to the hottest Vegas dayclubs and nightclubs
  • Party Bus and Limo service reservations

Call us at 702-344-0100 for a consultation today!



The answer to this question depends on what party bus service you use. When working with us, our buses can handle around 20 to 40 people.


We are creative, flexible, and very open-minded. While we have plenty of ideas that we can share with you, we also encourage you to present your own ideas since you know what you like best!

We are here to accommodate your needs, so call us today, and we’ll work through the specifics of your ride.


Once your party bus tour starts, you’ll be able to choose from many different drinks, as our party buses stop at liquor stores between venues.


If you are running late, we will meet you at the next bus stop. Call us, and we’ll arrange a pickup for you.


Yes. They can. But call your party bus provider first to confirm.


Absolutely! By getting a party bus, you will be able to see the hottest club destinations in Las Vegas without breaking the bank.

How Much Are Party Buses Further Explored

There’s no doubt that party buses can be a lot of fun – they provide an easy way for friends and family to get together and have a good time.

But you still might want more details about how much party buses cost, or you might want to know more about party buses in general.

Keep reading to learn more about them!

Background Info: What Exactly Are Party Buses?

Party buses are vehicles specifically designed to transport large groups of people to and from events. They are often equipped with a variety of amenities, including music and lighting systems, so that partygoers can have a safe and fun experience.

Party buses can be rented by individuals or groups who want to celebrate privately. They’re an affordable way to have a great time, and they’re perfect for events where you and your friends would like to start partying right from the get-go!

Party buses are great for getting people to and from events without having to worry about parking or getting lost. They make it easy to keep track of everyone who is attending the event since each passenger gets a numbered ticket.

Party buses can be rented by the hour or arranged as part of a package deal that includes other services like catering and drinks.

Las Vegas party buses typically take groups of people to different night and day clubs in Sin City.

So, how much are party buses? Prices for party buses in the city (we’re talking competitors included here) range from around $200 to $1,000 per person.

If the upper end of this spectrum is out of your price range, fortunately, we’re here to offer you some of the best deals around. Depending on the club and the time you made the reservation, you may be able to get a deal that’s more cost-friendly!

Call us today for the latest deals and offerings!

What Are Some of the Best Uses for a Party Bus?

There are many benefits to getting a party bus for your events. Not only is it a convenient way to transport yourself and your friends, but it is also an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the best uses for club party buses:

i.) Nightclubs: A club party bus is perfect for transporting guests to and from nightclubs. Riding in one is much safer than drinking and driving (something we DON’T recommend) and also offers you privacy and comfort while you travel to and from nightclubs in style.

ii.) Day clubs: Party buses are great for transporting people to and from day clubs because they provide a comfortable and efficient way to get around.

Our buses are often large enough to hold several passengers, meaning you and your friends will have plenty of space to enjoy. Our buses also supply music and drinks, which often makes them just as fun as the nightclubs and dayclubs we visit.

iii.) Promotions: A club party bus can be used as part of a promotional campaign or to increase attendance at an event. It can also be used to create a sense of community and excitement around a brand. This is done by having the bus tour different neighborhoods or businesses in order to make people feel like they are a part of something special.

Additionally, having your party bus stop at various locations for socializing and refreshments can create a lasting impression on those who participate.

Here’s something interesting: Your party bus can be customized to match your company’s brand or the event you’re promoting. Want to make your brand stand out in Sin City? Call us today.

The Different Types of Party Buses

There are several different types of buses that can be used for transportation to and from your favorite Vegas clubs.

A motor coach, which is the most popular, is typically the largest type of bus and can accommodate a large number of people. Motor coaches are perfect for groups of people who want to travel in style with a big group of friends, a team, or a band.

A charter bus, meanwhile, is a popular type of bus that is perfect for special occasions. They are usually custom-made and can also accommodate a large number of passengers.

A shuttle bus is a smaller type of bus that is typically used for traveling short distances. They are ideal for transporting small groups of people.

Last but not least is a minibus, which is the smallest type of bus and is best suited for transporting a maximum of four people.

How To Choose the Right Party Bus for Your Needs

When selecting a bus for your event, it’s important to think about the size of your group and the amount of space you need.

Mini buses, for instance, are ideal for smaller groups who are traveling locally, such as a band going to a venue. Mini buses can also work for longer trips, but you’ll need to get used to being in close confines.

Bigger buses are ideal for larger groups who want space along with amenities, such as a bar and VIP seating.

No matter what your party needs are, we’re confident we can find the perfect bus for you! If we don’t have something available for your needs, we can always help you out by referring you to the right resources.

Call us at 702-344-0100 to get started.

What To Expect on a Party Bus: What Are Some Common Activities That Take Place on Them?

Club party buses are a lot of fun since they offer plenty of activities to keep you and your friends entertained, such as dancing, drinking, and television.

Here are some of the more common activities that you can expect on a club party bus:

i.) Dancing: Our club party buses have great music that make our passengers want to get moving to the beat. If you’re not up for dancing, however, there are always plenty of other things to do.

ii.) Games: Everybody loves a good game of charades. But that’s just our opinion. Whatever games you prefer, our club party buses offer the space you need to enjoy them.

iii.) Sightseeing: You’ll get to see some really cool sights in Las Vegas when riding with us! We tour the hottest venues and restaurants in the city regularly.

iv.) Making New Friends: You’ll make new friends! Whether it’s with the passengers on your bus or people you meet along the way, party buses present a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

v.) Enjoying Drinks: You’ll definitely get plenty of drink refills when riding with us! Our party bus attendants work hard to keep you hydrated (or sober, depending on how much fun you’re having), so that you can enjoy your experience.