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For a lot of people, partying in Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is why choosing the right venue for your big trip is so important. If you are looking for bottle services in Las Vegas but still haven’t decided where you want to go, look no further. We have put together a list of 5 of the hottest local clubs with detailed information about how much they cost.

Club #1: Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub

Drai’s is considered by many to be the home of nightlife entertainment and regularly welcomes celebrities, business moguls, and more.

Located on The Strip, this premier venue gives you everything you could want from a Las Vegas experience—two full-service bars, lounge sofas, deck chairs, cabanas, you name it, all neatly arranged throughout a 35,000 square foot, multi-level rooftop with incredible views of the city.

Did we also mention that the rooftop has seven pools?

Honestly, this place has it all, whether you want to experience Vegas in its full nighttime glory or enjoy a swim on a hot summer day.

Not a fan of the heat? Well, you’re in luck. Drai’s has an excellent indoor lounge for those wanting to relax and socialize.

Drinks At Drai’s

There is a variety of drinks at Drai’s that run from $8 all the way up to $100.

Beers are $8 to $10, energy drinks with alcohol in them are $15 to $20, shots are $10 to $12, and top-shelf cocktails are $12 to $15. Paid mixers come in packs of six and cost $55. There are also packs of soda that you can buy for $18. Finally, you can order a specialty cocktail pitcher that costs anywhere from $70 to $100.

Tables come with free basic mixers such as tonic, juices, and sodas.

Bottles of Alcohol At Drai’s

Bottles of alcohol at Drai’s have a wide price range, starting at $395 and running all the way up to $200k.

Rum is $495 to $695. Gin is $595. Regular vodka is $595. Scotch is $595 to $695, and Whiskey and Bourbon cost $550 to $1,300. Tequila is anywhere from $595 to $6,000. Keep in mind that Tequila, Vodka, and Scotch also come in Magnum sizes that are priced differently. Wine runs from $395 to $1,000.

For champagne, prices range widely, from $495 to a whopping $275,000.

Bottle Service At Drai’s

Bottle service at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub costs anywhere from $600 to $10,000, depending on where you sit, the date you attend, and what event you go to.

Typically, the Poolside Banquette is the lowest-priced table for bottle service that you will find, running between $600 and $1,000. A mid-tier section, such as the North or South Elevated VIP Booth, will be anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. A premier section like the Dance Floor Table is considerably higher, somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000. Specialty seating is even more expensive.

Tip: Tuesdays have discount bottle service for Drai’s pool party from $1,100 up to $2,500.

Note: Please remember that prices for bottle service at ALL our partner venues are subject to change. If you need our help finding specific information or have any questions whatsoever, call us today at 702-344-0100.

Club #2: JEWEL Nightclub

Located at ARIA Resort & Casino, JEWEL is truly a one-of-a-kind venue with a magnetic atmosphere. This is where you go if you want to party all night long because once you step inside, it is hard to leave.

A high-end venue, JEWEL’s stunning interior has an almost mesmeric quality, making the cozy 24,000 square foot venue feel larger than life.

While the setting is possibly second to none, thanks to 1,400 square feet of dazzling LED architecture contrasted against a vintage interior and multi-themed VIP suites with custom amenities, it’s the long list of top-tier performers who truly make this club stand out.

JEWEL consistently draws 5-star talent, lending to the venue’s almost otherworldly musical excellence.

Drinks At JEWEL

Prices for drinks start at $8 or more for beer, $10 for shots, and $17 for mixed drinks.

Bottles of Alcohol at JEWEL

The cost of liquor at JEWEL ranges from $550 to nearly $10,000 per bottle.

Rum and Gin run approximately $550 to $595 per bottle. Scotch starts at $595 but rapidly jumps up to nearly $4,000 per bottle. Cheaper bottles, such as regular size Vodka, cost $575 to $1,000. Regular size tequila has a similar price range per bottle, although Magnum Tequila runs as high as nearly $3,000 per bottle.

Champagne has an even wider price range, starting at $550 and going up to $35,000.

Bottle Service At JEWEL

Table prices at JEWEL are visitor-friendly. The venue’s lowest cost option, the Balcony, runs for an easy $750 while medium-priced locations such as the 2nd Tier cost $2,000. A prime spot such as the Dance Floor costs $3,000 or significantly more, depending on if you attend during the week or the weekend.

Club #3: Omnia Nightclub

If you want to know what happens when good old-fashioned hospitality meets creative genius, then OMNIA is the place for you. This gigantic 75,000 square foot venue has a swanky interior that makes you feel like you have walked into a combination of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and a spaceship.

There are almost too many good things to say about this venue, much of which has to do with the Main Room. Cue the insanely cool kinetic chandelier that looks like it was invented next century. But the stunning Main Room and its groovy dance floor are not this club’s only features.

There is also The Terrace, which gives you a truly amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip. For many people, the rooftop is where it’s at due to the rooftop bar, comfy sofas, cool cabanas, and a dance floor and DJ booth that are separate from the main club.

Drinks At Omnia Nightclub

Drinks at this venue start at $12 for beers, while shots and branded drinks run from $12 to $15. Energy drinks cost $15 to $20, and bottled waters are $10.

Bottles of Alcohol at Omnia Nightclub

Bottles of alcohol run between $550 and $150,000. Rum is the cheapest option, ranging narrowly from $550 to $595. Tequila ranges between $550 and $1,300. Whiskey and Bourbon run between $575 and $4,000. Vodka runs anywhere from $550 to nearly $1,000. Bottles of wine are $550 to $695.

The alcohol with the widest price range is champagne, which goes for as little as $550 and as much as $150,000.

Bottle Service At Omnia Nightclub

The lowest-priced option at Omnia is the Small Rooftop Terrace, which costs $1,000 to $2,000. A medium-priced option like the Balcony costs $3,000 to $5,000 while a premier location like the Main Room is $4,000 to $8,000, and in some cases, even more expensive.

Club #4: TAO Nightclub

Located inside the Venetian Hotel & Casino, this is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Delightfully decadent and bursting with color, this venue is truly the perfect place for those who relish an east meets west vibe.

At a considerable 44,000 square feet, this large venue is brought to life with fire columns, Buddha statues, and so much more. The interior design is to die for, featuring a warm, inviting color palette that heralds fine dining just as much as it does a sexy Vegas club experience.

There is no doubt that this venue takes class to a new unique level, making it irresistibly playful and exotic, as evidenced by the gorgeous and alluring Voyeur Girls who wait to greet you the moment you step inside the corridor.

Two main rooms, a whopping 3 full-service bars, a delicious Asian Bistro restaurant, and banquet facilities (not to mention the Opium Room and Voyeur Lounge) make this place worth visiting.

With lots of places to mingle, including an outdoor terrace, this venue offers a little something for everyone but especially those who are looking for something quintessentially Vegas.

Drinks At TAO Nightclub

At TAO Nightclub, prices start at $8 for beer, then move up to $10 for Shots, and finally hover around $13 for Mixed Drinks and Cocktails.

Note: Prices are updated occasionally. Please call us at 702-344-0100 if you have any questions.

Bottles of Alcohol At TAO Nightclub

Alcohol at this venue has a massively wide range, from $600 to $250,000 per bottle.

For liquor, you will be looking at $425 to $6,000. Cheaper alcohols like Gin cost $425 to $450. Similarly, Rum runs from $450 to $475. Scotch is priced at $450 to $550. And then, in no particular order of price, there is Whiskey and Bourbon for $450 to $1,100, regular size Tequila for $495 to $1,200, and vodka for $450 to $550, although there is also a vodka variety that runs for over $800.

Champagne costs anywhere from $1,900 to $250,000 per bottle.

Bottle Service At TAO Nightclub

A low-tier location at TAO Nightclub costs approximately $500 for 3 to 6 people, while a medium-priced spot is around $1,250. Finally, a prime location can run as high as $3,000.

Club #5: The Light Vegas

Located at the South end of the Strip at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, The LIGHT Vegas has a high-energy industrial vibe and offers excellent immersion.

With its 5-star sound system, large LED screens, and aerial performers, this venue focuses on the music. Top-40, hip-hop, and EDM are what you can expect at this venue, which is perfect for getting down and dirty. Every night is unique and has its own playlist, which means that you will never run out of good music to groove to.

Have we mentioned dancing yet?

Seriously, this venue is all about getting physical in the best possible way, as the layout is heavily centered around the stage. With one of the best layouts of any venue in Las Vegas, there are literally no bad seats in the entire house.

For those wanting a slower pace, The Light has upper levels where it is easy to socialize.

The Light has three bars on various levels and outstanding bottle service all around.

Drinks At The Light

Drinks at The Light are $8 for beer (although some beers cost more), $10 or more for Shots, and $14 to $17 for cocktails.

Bottles of Alcohol At The Light

The price of liquor at The Light ranges from $510 to $16,000 per bottle. At the low end, there is vodka, which runs from $510 to $670 per bottle. Tequila is $530 to nearly $1,200. Rum has a narrower price range of $530 to $545, while Gin is $530 per bottle, and Whiskey and Bourbon are $530 to $1,400.

As is to be expected, champagne has the widest price range, running from $2,910 to a whopping $189,000 per bottle.

Bottle Service At The Light

The Light is very cost-friendly. Their lowest priced section is the Upper Level, which costs only $500. Their medium-priced locations, such as the 3rd Tier, are a bit more costly, ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. Meanwhile, a prime location like the Dance Floor is $3,000.


How Much Do You Tip For Bottle Service In Vegas?

Gratuity is almost always 20%, which you pay at the end of the night. To get a better idea of what you will actually end up paying, multiple your minimum spend by 1.3 or 1.5. This will help you plan ahead.

What Does Bottle Service Get You?

With bottle service, you typically get easy access to the dance floor, a private booth, your own gorgeous waiter or cocktail waitress, a busser, a personal security guard, and a place to store your belongings! And let us not forget about the free mixers!

What Is A Bottle Girl In Las Vegas

A bottle girl, sometimes called a model cocktail waitress, is someone who provides bottle service at dayclubs and nightclubs. They serve you drinks, get to know you, and do everything in their power to make your night special.

Being a bottle girl requires in-depth knowledge of cocktails, liquors, and wines, excellent physical fitness, and fantastic people skills.

Since bottle girls often encounter tough customers, patience and thick skin are an absolute must.

This is a privileged position, as bottle girls frequently make up to $3,000 a week.

What Is Premium Bottle Service?

Premium bottle service is essentially the same thing as regular bottle service. The terms are interchangeable, although some premium bottle services run up to five figures and provide greater perks.